Summer Activities for Kids

Every parent, daycare provider or babysitter needs to have a few summer activities for kids to do when they are out of school and driving you nuts.  ;) 

Summertime brings with it an infinite amount of free time that kids have to do something with.   

So, I've compiled together a list of summer activities for kids that you can go through and use to keep your children busy during the "good ol' summertime!"

Note:  I will be adding to this list periodically to make it more interesting for all of you!  So look out for updates.

8 Spectacular Summer Activities for Kids

  1. Making Frozen Yogurt - a cool, refreshing, frozen treat that is pretty healthy for kids!
  2. 15 Fun Swimming Games  - spice up time in the pool with these fun games!
  3. Swimming Lessons - give your children the opportunity to learn how to swim.
  4. Going Hiking - plan a Sunday afternoon and go out on a hike!
  5. Having a Slumber Party - these are great to have in the summer time when the kids don't have to get up early the next day.
  6. Hosting a Lemonade Stand - are you having a yard sale?  Or, do your kids want to have fun selling lemonade?  There's some bonus printables for you!
  7. 5 Fun Summer Outdoor Games for Kids Under 8 - Sometimes your younger children need easier games that are focused on just them! 
  8. 8 Outdoor Ball Games for Kids - Having a ball to play with opens up a world of fun games for kids of all ages to play!  These games are particularly great for birthday parties, summer get-together's, and family gatherings!

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