A Kid's Gardening Set

Getting a kids gardening set is a great way to encourage your kids with gardening and getting outside to get fresh air. 

When kids are very young, they love exploring the great outdoors.  My little boy will just sit out in the grass and watch everything that is going on around him.  He hates moving because the grass is fuzzy and he doesn’t like the feel of it.

Then, my 2 year old nephew loves to run around outside and took a great interest in the garden this year.  Of course he felt so grownup trying to help out (and, in reality he was a big help by picking up weeds and putting them in the trash. :)) 

Maybe it’s just in a boy’s temperament to be a bit more excited about the outdoors but, I can definitely see both of these boys getting older and helping out a lot in the garden and with the upkeep of the yard. 

Gardening Tools for Older Kids

Kids Gardening Set for Toddlers

So, if your toddler is showing some interest (or to help spike some interest) you can buy/create your own kids gardening set. 

I prefer to create my own because it can be cheaper that way but there are some very cute ones available for purchase. 

If you walk through the toy aisle of Walmart, Dollar General, the Dollar Tree or any other store that carries toys, you can usually find some gardening toys for your toddler. 

Plastic is king when it comes to this age.  You can buy a plastic rake, plastic mower, plastic shovel, plastic hoe, and a small wheelbarrow for your toddler.

Now, of course with a kids gardening set made out of plastic, your little one isn’t going to be of much help out in the garden.  However, toys of this nature make them feel helpful and important and just like mom and dad.  :)

For Older Children

Once kids start to reach the ages of 8, 9, 10 and up, they understand better how to take care of a garden and can handle real gardening tools. 

For my siblings who are of this more “mature” age, whenever we have yard day or a garden day, they get out their little shovels and rakes.  Then, they head out to the garden and work on pulling out weeds and watering the plants and putting down fresh hay. 

Creating a kids gardening set for this age group is easy also because you can just purchase them tools that you would use for yourself. 

Labeling the tools with the kids’ names gives the tools a more personal touch to them and sparks a child’s interest in gardening. 

Also, if you want to spend a bit more (in the hopes of creating an avid gardener) there are some very cute little shovels and cute rakes that you can buy for your children. 

So, buying or creating your own gardening set can be fun for you to be more involved with your kids and to help them in a good, wholesome activity, to get them outside for a small amount of time and for them to enjoy the fresh air. 

Gardening is such a good activity for kids.  It is good, solid work for them and while it isn’t for everyone, kids do thrive on encouragement and you will be surprised by what a gardening set can do for them!

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