Kids Gardening Gloves

Kids gardening gloves are a fun part of gardening for kids. 

Kids love to be able to pull out their gardening tools, gloves, shovels, and watering cans and get all geared up like mom and dad so that they can work in the garden with them. 

Reasons for Kids Gardening Gloves

Despite the fact that gardening gloves make kids more enthusiastic about gardening, they do actually have a purpose and are good for kids to wear in the garden. 

  • Gardening gloves are good to wear because they keep little hands clean.  Mud and dirt are everywhere in a garden and kids already have a hard enough time keeping themselves clean so, purchasing them some gardening gloves will not only help them but you also! 
  • If you have lots of neighborhood cats that roam around, they might be doing some of their business in the garden so it’s always a good thing for kids gardening gloves.  Where we live, the neighborhood cats are actually quite a problem and I wouldn’t even dream of going without my gloves. 
  • Lots of plants have prickly things on them that kids don’t like to touch and feel.  If anything prickly comes in the way of kids, they get scratches and ouchies and start to cry and whine because they’ve been hurt.  Gardening gloves are a great way to prevent the tears from flowing. 
  • Without gardening gloves, kids are more apt to get splinters.  Splinters and kids are like magnets and without some gloves to protect their hands while gardening, they will definitely probably end up with at least one or two in their hands. 

So, with these points in minds you might really want to pick up your child some gardening gloves.  They don’t even have to be very expensive gloves but just something that will help protect them for the most part. 

Kids gardening gloves are also great because they are washable. 

That way, when they start to look all grimy and filthy dirty and your child isn’t as interested in them as he once was, throw them in the washer and they’ll come out looking almost as good as new! 

When you go shopping for the gardening gloves you will find many great designs and characters on gardening gloves.

They can actually get quite elaborate.  I’ve seen kids gardening gloves with Disney characters on them or the most recent superheroes on them. 

Kids will love the fact that their favorite heroes are on their gloves and then they will love going out into the garden with you.

And one last great bonus for buying gardening gloves is the fact that they are not that expensive.  This way, you can afford for your kids to have some and you don’t have to break the bank. 

Also, the cheap price helps to encourage more parents to garden with their children and teach them about what a great hobby gardening really is. 

So, if you’ve been procrastinating with buying your kids some gloves, write it on your list and the next time you go shopping, pick some up.  You won’t regret it – I promise!  :)

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