Gardening for Kids

Gardening for kids is really very simple, helps them to learn about plants, the soil, bugs, and is an enjoyable activity for them to perform.

Some of my earliest childhood memories stem from growing my own little garden with my sister.

My first project consisted in planting some morning glories along our fence line.  It was so much fun to watch them as they came up and started climbing the fence.  I of course thought that they were the most beautiful plant that I had ever seen.  :)

When I got a little older, my mother allowed my sister and I to have a small plot in our garden where we could plant our own flowers.  We planted zinnias, cosmos, and marigolds all from seeds and would then water them every day and weed around the plants. 

We would also take care of the tomato plants that my mom planted.  Picking off the cherry tomatoes and popping them into our mouths was definitely a favorite part of summer. 

What does Gardening for Kids Teach them?

The values that are taught through gardening are priceless:

  • Responsibility - Kids have to learn to take care of their plants by watering them and weeding around them otherwise, the plants will die.
  • Gentleness - They will need to be gentle with the plants if they expect them to bear fruit.
  • Patience – the children will learn that plants don’t just sprout up overnight but take several weeks before they start peeking up through the ground. 
  • Hard Work – Gardening is not the easiest of work.  It must be done in all types of weather, the rain, the heat and humidity, the hot sun.  Children will learn that it is good to work hard and to stay busy.
  • Respect – Children will learn to respect the plants and the different needs of the plants while also learning to respect people, animals, and property and possessions.   

 Gardening for kids is a wonderful way to teach kids good values and ways of life that will be ingrained into them forever after and helps form them into good adults with good habits. 

What to Plant?

If you are planting a large garden, what kinds of fruits and vegetables should you plant in it? 

Well, the first one that always comes to my mind is cherry tomatoes

Kids love being able to run over to the cherry tomato plant and pick off the small red tomatoes that grow on it.  Then they pop them in their mouth and feel the nice crunch and sweet taste of it. 

Eating cherry tomatoes while playing outside is one of my favorite childhood memories.  And, now that I’m married and have a little boy, we’ve planted several cherry tomato plants and he loves eating them! 

Zucchini is another great plant to grow in your garden.  Kids love searching through the garden in the hopes of finding one of these long green vegetables ready to be picked. 

When the weather is cooler, either at the beginning of the gardening season or at the end, kids love to plant lettuce and watch it grow. 

These are only a few vegetables that we plant but what other vegetables and flowers do you plant in your garden? 

Tools for Kids Gardening

Chemicals and kids don’t really mix too well so, an important way to look at gardening is through kid’s organic gardening.

And while organic gardening for kids doesn’t mean to just take care of the health of your plants, it also focuses on how to take care of kids and yourself when you are out there in the garden. 

It is important to remember to drink water, wear sunscreen, wear a hat, mud boots, kids gardening gloves and other items while gardening.  Also, all of these add to the charm and fun of gardening – especially for children. 

It may be beneficial to encourage your child through the use of a kid’s gardening set or kid’s gardening tools. 

Some kids might need just a little bit of encouragement when it comes to gardening – yes it can be hot and humid, a little bit muddy but if you as a parent or child caregiver, encourage and support a child in the realm of gardening, they will be much more likely to take the support and run with it. 

Gardening for kids is a good, wholesome activity that every child should have the opportunity to do. 

Also, it can be a fun activity for the whole family to work on together! 

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