Camping Activities for Kids

Going on a camping trip requires having a few camping activities for kids in mind.

That way, when they are tired of all the hiking and swimming they will not be able to be bored when you whisk out for them your great ideas.  :)

Like I mentioned above, it camping provides a great opportunity to go hiking.  Many campgrounds have several hiking trails and if you are hiking in the mountains or a forest, there are even more trails than the average campground. 

Also, it is nice, when you go hiking, to be able to stay at a campground that has either a lake close by or a swimming pool that is at the disposal of the campers.  This is a great way for kids to cool off after all that hiking you do.  :)

So, here are a few ideas from camp skits to campfire cooking that make great camping activities for kids. 

Camp Skits

When I was in middle school my sister and I would go on a camp in our town, up on some campus grounds. 

It was in a very nice wooded area and about 20 tents would be set up for all the girls to sleep in.  We were also divided into teams and each team would have different ways to earn points and merit. 

One of the most popular camping activities was when the teams would put on a camp skit

There would be tubs of dress up clothes and props to use and the different teams would have a couple of days to prepare for their skit. 

When the time came for the performance, there was much laughter by everyone during the shows.  It is quite comical to see your friends dressed up as some ridiculous characters.  :) 

So, among your camping activities for kids, you should plan to do some camp skits. 

Even if you are with your own family members, you can come up with some great ideas to do a skit on.  Fairytales, Disney stories and movies are always a lot of fun to act out. 

Camp skits also make for great entertainment in a place where there aren’t any electronics available for you to be entertained by.   

Campfire Cooking

Camping activities for kids should definitely include campfire cooking

It is always a good idea to teach your kids safety with campfire cooking. 

If you are only cooking for a short amount of time while cooking, you probably won’t buy any fancy equipment.  Usually, all the equipment consists of using hot dog sticks and an open fire. 

In my experience, even if we are just camping in our backyard, we all love to cook around the fire pit.  We pull out the hot dog sticks and everyone crouches down or pulls up a lawn chair and we cook hot dogs over the fire pit. 

With camping you can also bring a grill slab over which you can put a pot or pan.  Kids need supervision if they are going to do this but cooking makes a great activity for them to experience. 

Campfire Stories

Half the fun of going camping is the part where you stay up late and tell campfire stories

Kids love doing this.  And, it is quite incredible the stories that they can come up with because of their fast pace imaginations. 

Telling campfire stories is also fun to do while cooking up some smores or eating something yummy.  Just, don’t let the stories get too out of control or you might have a few chickadees who can’t go to sleep out in Mother Nature.  :)

Camp Games

At different camp sites, there are different camping activities for kids and adults that have been planned out. 

Some campsites have a different game planned for each afternoon. 

Camp grounds usually have tennis and basketball courts nearby for kids to play on.  You can make a game out of shucking corn with everyone in a big circle. 

If you are with a large group of people camping there are of course games that are more fun to play with large groups. 

For some ideas on camp games, check out my page on them. 

Camping is great fun for the entire family and something that should be readily taken advantage of when possible. 

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