Campfire Cooking

Campfire cooking is one of my favorite parts of camping out.  Maybe that’s because I like to cook but at the same time, when you’re out camping, you want the simplest meals to cook and so cooking is pretty easy.

And, because it is so easy, it is a great kid’s activity that they can almost do by themselves! 

Campfire Cooking Tools

To cook at a campfire, you don’t need many tools.  Some places even have a grill at each campsite which makes your job even easier.

However, if you have to make your own fire, you’re going to need a few items. 

For kids safety, build a rock structure around where the fire is going to be.

Then, have the kids go and collect some sticks.  If you’re going to be at the campground for a couple of days you might want to have them build a decent size collection of sticks – that way you won’t run out of sticks for the campfires that you will have. 

You might want to bring your own grate that you can lay over the fire.  That way you can cook hamburgers or heat up a pot of beans.   

Your cooking tools should also include a few marshmallow sticks.  With these sticks you can cook hotdogs, marshmallows, roast an apple among other things. 

And, if you’re really into camping and marshmallow sticks, you just might want to invest in some really long ones.  That way too, the kids will be able to cook their food a little bit easier.

Cast iron skillets are also a big plus to bring along when camping.  Cast iron is very forgiving when banged around and will hold up in pretty much any condition.   

Also, cast iron is thick enough so that your food won’t get charcoaled to a crisp by the fire but will cook evenly all around. 

So, you might want to consider bringing along a cast iron skillet to help you with your campfire cooking. 

For more cooking tools and ideas check out the following link: Campfire Cooking Tools

Recipes or What to Make when Camping

Cooking while camping always immediately brings to my mind cooking hot dogs and bratwursts.  They’re easy to cook, don’t require too much effort and pretty much everyone enjoys them. 

Another easy item to cook over a campfire is a baked potato.  Just wrap up your potatoes in foil and then place them in the coals of the fire.  Let them sit there for about 45 minutes and when done you should have a perfectly baked potato. 

If you have a grate or grill with you, hamburgers are another great item to make while camping. 

If you’re wondering what to do about breakfast, granola bars, pop tarts, donuts, fruit, nuts, canned fruit, and oatmeal all make for some great, quick, and easy breakfasts.  And the only one that you really need a campfire for would be the oatmeal to heat up the water. 

For more recipe ideas for campfire cooking the KOA website has some great food ideas and helpful tips for those looking for more of an ambitious meal.

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