Camp Skits

Camp skits are lots of fun to perform whether kids are on a family camping trip or if they are part of a large, organized camp group.  

As I’ve mentioned before, some of my fondest memories of camp come from the different skits that we as teams would have to each perform. 

I remember at the beginning of the camp, we were told that we would have to perform a skit on a certain day and that we needed to start rehearsing and preparing for it during our free time. 

Usually, we had a counselor who would help us come up with an idea and then the lines that we were going to say. 

In the end, each team would be judged on their performance and comic relief and the best would win a prize. 

It was definitely lots of fun, sparked some ferocious laughter and has left me with some great memories. 

So, if you are going camping just how do you put on a few camp skits?

What to Perform

If you are putting on a skit, sometimes the skits will be picked out for you but other times you will have to come up with your own ideas. 

Pretty much any story or facet of life can be put into action. 

Disney stories are always popular as skits (especially with girls) as they give the opportunity to become the fairy tale princess or to be a wicked stepmother. 

It is also fun to take a story out of a reading book and turn it into a skit.  Especially for younger children – the pictures in storybooks can spark their imagination on how their own skit should appear. 

Bible stories are another idea for camp skits.  These are interesting and educating at the same time.  Some bible stories might need some interpretation as to what is going on in them but when laid out in a skit they can be very fun to watch.

As far as the lines that each character says in the skit, well, have the kids be creative and come up with their own lines.  The guidance of a team counselor or a team captain may be needed but left to themselves, kids can come up with some pretty cute lines to say.  :)

And finally, have the kids rehearse a couple of times before they get up and perform. 

That way they will have some idea of what’s going on and what each person has to do for their part. 

Camp Skits Props and Costumes

When you’re out camping in the wilderness, away from the comforts of home, and you are putting on a skit, don’t worry about the props for the skit. 

You can use camping supplies as props.  The camp cups, silverware, food, plates, blankets and pillows all can act as great props for camp skits. 

Sheets and blankets can make some great costumes.  The only thing extra that you might want to bring along would be some safety pins to hold up your costumes. 

If you have the room in your car, you could bring along some dress up clothes and style them differently for the different characters in the skit. 

And, if it’s really important to you, you could bring along a CD player for some sound effects.  Or, you could use the car speakers and tape/CD player for your sound effects. 

So, with a little bit of creativity, campers can put on some great camp skits with all the frills of a skit at home. 

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